Where to go...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Balance is a fickle beast.

The pendulum swings back and forth, briefly hesitating over moments, steadily swinging to and fro. There is simultaneously enough time and not enough time to ruminate in the rhythm.

I am lucky enough to see a big change on my horizon. The pendulum has paused just long enough for me to duck through its bow, and run along the threshold. This change did not come easy, as big things rarely do (as they say). But I'm aware enough to give a nod to timing.

So I see a change building to a crest in the distance and I get to wait for it to crash at my feet. In the same turn, I hang in the balance on another, less tangible decision.

I was approached to pitch some content ideas for a pretty significant website. So pitch, I did. And I heard back, requesting more. Again, I did.

And now, I wait.

It's the waiting where the worry sneaks in. Smoke under the doorway, seeping its way in and under, giving me pause for my purpose. Doubt rides its coattails and I am left second guessing every word I think and type.

But with balance, comes a fantastic set of cheerleaders.

And on this very day, I balance between their two birthdays.